adj., n., adv., prep., & v.
1 shaped like or approximately like a circle, sphere, or cylinder; having a convex or circular outline or surface; curved, not angular.
2 done with or involving circular motion.
3 a entire, continuous, complete (a round dozen); fully expressed or developed; all together, not broken or defective or scanty. b (of a sum of money) considerable.
4 genuine, candid, outspoken; (of a statement etc.) categorical, unmistakable.
5 (usu. attrib.) (of a number) expressed for convenience or as an estimate in fewer significant numerals or with a fraction removed (spent pound297.32, or in round figures pound300).
6 a (of a style) flowing. b (of a voice) not harsh.
7 Phonet. (of a vowel) pronounced with rounded lips.
1 a round object or form.
2 a a revolving motion, a circular or recurring course (the earth in its yearly round). b a regular recurring series of activities or functions (one's daily round; a continuous round of pleasure). c a recurring succession or series of meetings for discussion etc. (a new round of talks on disarmament).
3 a a fixed route on which things are regularly delivered (milk round). b a route or sequence by which people or things are regularly supervised or inspected (a watchman's round; a doctor's rounds).
4 an allowance of something distributed or measured out, esp.: a a single provision of drinks etc. to each member of a group. b ammunition to fire one shot; the act of firing this.
5 a a slice across a loaf of bread. b a sandwich made from whole slices of bread. c a thick disc of beef cut from the haunch as a joint.
6 each of a set or series, a sequence of actions by each member of a group in turn, esp. a one spell of play in a game etc. b one stage in a competition.
7 Golf the playing of all the holes in a course once.
8 Archery a fixed number of arrows shot from a fixed distance.
9 (the round) a form of sculpture in which the figure stands clear of any ground (cf. RELIEF 6a).
10 Mus. a canon for three or more unaccompanied voices singing at the same pitch or in octaves.
11 (in pl.) Mil. a a watch that goes round inspecting sentries. b a circuit made by this.
12 a rung of a ladder.
13 (foll. by of) the circumference, bounds, or extent of (in all the round of Nature).
1 with circular motion (wheels go round).
2 with return to the starting-point or an earlier state (summer soon comes round).
3 a with rotation, or change to an opposite position (he turned round to look). b with change to an opposite opinion etc. (they were angry but I soon won them round).
4 to, at, or affecting all or many points of a circumference or an area or the members of a company etc. (tea was then handed round; may I look round?).
5 in every direction from a centre or within a radius (spread destruction round; everyone for a mile round).
6 by a circuitous way (will you jump over or go round?; go a long way round).
7 a to a person's house etc. (ask him round; will be round soon). b to a more prominent or convenient position (brought the car round).
8 measuring a (specified distance) in girth.
1 so as to encircle or enclose (tour round the world; has a blanket round him).
2 at or to points on the circumference of (sat round the table).
3 with successive visits to (hawks them round the cafeacutes).
4 in various directions from or with regard to (towns round Birmingham; shells bursting round them).
5 having as an axis of revolution or as a central point (turns round its centre of gravity; write a book round an event).
6 a so as to double or pass in a curved course (go round the corner). b having passed in this way (be round the corner). c in the position that would result from this (find them round the corner).
7 so as to come close from various sides but not into contact.
1 a tr. give a round shape to. b intr. assume a round shape.
2 tr. double or pass round (a corner, cape, etc.).
3 tr. express (a number) in a less exact but more convenient form (also foll. by down when the number is decreased and up when it is increased).
4 tr. pronounce (a vowel) with rounded lips.
Phrases and idioms:
go the round (or rounds) (of news etc.) be passed on from person to person. in the round
1 with all features shown; all things considered.
2 Theatr. with the audience round at least three sides of the stage.
3 (of sculpture) with all sides shown; not in relief. make the round of go round. make (or go) one's rounds take a customary route for inspection etc. round about 1 in a ring (about); all round; on all sides (of).
2 with a change to an opposite position.
3 approximately (cost round about pound50). round and round several times round. round-arm Cricket (of bowling) with the arm swung horizontally. round the bend see BEND(1). round brackets brackets of the form ().
round dance
1 a dance in which couples move in circles round the ballroom.
2 a dance in which the dancers form one large circle. round down see sense 3 of v.
round off (or out)
1 bring to a complete or symmetrical or well-ordered state.
2 smooth out; blunt the corners or angles of. round on a person make a sudden verbal attack on or unexpected retort to a person. round out = round off 1. round peg in a square hole = square peg in a round hole (see PEG).
round robin
1 a petition esp. with signatures written in a circle to conceal the order of writing.
2 US a tournament in which each competitor plays in turn against every other. round-shouldered with shoulders bent forward so that the back is rounded.
Round Table (in allusion to that at which King Arthur and his knights sat so that none should have precedence)
1 an international charitable association which holds discussions, debates, etc., and undertakes community service.
2 (round table) an assembly for discussion, esp. at a conference (often attrib.: round-table talks). round trip a trip to one or more places and back again (esp. by a circular route). round the twist see TWIST. round up collect or bring together, esp. by going round (see also sense 3 of v.).
round-up n.
1 a systematic rounding up of people or things.
2 a summary; a reacutesumeacute of facts or events.
roundish adj. roundness n.
Etymology: ME f. OF ro(u)nd- stem of ro(o)nt, reont f. L rotundus ROTUND

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